São Paulo,

UNIBOMBAS, the newest vehicular water pumps factory in Brazil, was founded on 1999.01.01. However, its commercial activities actually began from May because for four months...,
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UNIBOMBAS goal is to keep updated the line of products according with the new brands and models of vehicles on market, making.. . :: more ::

UNIBOMBAS QUALITY , ...performing tests and manufacturing processes controls ensures the excellence of our quality and makes our pumps have a rejection rate far below the rates ,
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- Reliability: stricktly meeting the needs of the Customer / End User.

- Quality: Leading brands products of worldwide manufacturers according to ISO 9000.

- Expedition: Unibombas maintains a wide variety of materials and dimensions in stock.

- Economy: due to the large variety of the line of products, Unibombas can meet your needs for more economy.

FACTORY: Rua Danilo Valbuza, 517,   
Disgrict of Laranjeiras
Caieiras - SP,   CEP. 07700-000   
Phne: (55-11) 3836-6969 / 3644-8789
FAX:   (011) 3645-3553